What do I need to have to make great coffee at home?

There are many options available to you in regard to coffee brewing methods and equipment for home. In addition to their varying price points, they each offer something different when it comes to the style of coffee they produce.

Expobar 1 group coffee machine


The espresso machine is an example of brewing coffee using steam pressure. Pressure-brewed coffee results in fast extraction times and a more intense brew compared with other brewing styles.

The basics of an espresso machine are the same so don't get too carried away with "flashy gimmicks." Most machines will require a certain level of skill to get the best from both the espresso shot and the milk. If you enjoy a milk based coffee or you are looking for an intense flavour profile then the espresso machine is what you need.

If you prefer a subtle tasting brew, if you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars, or if you don't have the room on your kitchen bench then an espresso machine may not be of benefit in your life.

  • Time required - 15 to 20 minutes warm up (depending on machine type

  • Grind - fine, consistent

  • Pros - fast to brew once warmed up, range of price levels, super concentrated coffee with crema and complex flavors

  • Cons - costly, take up space, require constant cleaning


Pour over and drip coffee have become very popular brewing methods with many new and innovative products coming onto the market. Brewing is relatively straightforward and involves pouring water over your freshly ground beans that sit in a filter of some sort. Gravity aids the water as it passes through the grounds and the result is a clean, clear and light bodied tasting coffee. The innovation of the Hario V60 is in its unique designed cone dripping system - it has a large hole at the bottom funnelled by spiral ribs on the side. As with most pour over methods there is a technique to getting the perfect brew, but after some practice in perfecting your technique, and using some almost necessary accessories, there will be less variation and enhanced quality.

  • Time - 5 to 10 minutes

  • Grind - medium to fine

  • Pros - small and light, portable, affordable; allows for control over taste and strength

  • Cons - uses special filter papers so need to keep stock; some coffee knowledge is required to adjust brewing parameters for consistent, high quality brews; requires some extra cost in add-on accessories

Hario V60 glass coffee brewer

French press for plunger style coffee

plunger or french press

Steeping is another brewing method which is simply mixing coffee grinds with water, allowing them to infuse then removing the coffee solids. 

When coffee is prepared using a French Press, the coffee grounds are in contact with hot water for a long time as compared to filtration or pressure brewing. This means that the flavour profile of the beans can be concentrated fully into your cup, providing a smooth and rich taste. However, it also means that controlling the brew time is essential. 

  • Time - 10 to 15 minutes

  • Grind - coarse

  • Pros - clean, strong flavour, simple to use, produces volume

  • Cons - taste is very different to espresso, requires time to perfect steeping to achieve the "sweet spot."


Cold brew has become very popular, especially in the summer months and also with people who experience stomach problems with their regular hot coffee brews. It involves steeping coffee grounds for between 12 - 36 hours then filtered and decanted ready for serving. This longer extraction time is due to the low brewing temperature and results in a smooth, rich and refreshing drink with low acidity and bitterness. 

  • Time - 12 to 36 hours

  • Grind - coarse

  • Pros - store for up to 2 weeks in fridge, can be used to make cold brew tea, less acidity and low bitterness, simple to use, glass carafe

  • Cons - brewing takes time


If you’re serious about good coffee then a grinder is one of the best purchases you could make. Whilst we can offer you an amazing selection of artisan roasted coffee beans, the perfect cup of coffee is a result of many different variables. Freshness is one of these key variables and has a huge impact on the end result. The moment coffee beans are ground, their flavour begins to dissipate; a result of the oils inside the bean oxidising as they are exposed to air. Stale coffee grounds will produce a stale, flat taste and affect consistency, with no hope of achieving that beautiful crema on top of your espresso. Regardless of whether you use espresso, plunger or drip filter equipment, grinding your beans as you go will make a big difference to the quality of your home brewed coffees by achieving a grind that is more precise and matched to your choice of brewing method.

Of course, if a grinder is out of the question, you can be confident in our range of ground coffees which have been designed around the most popular coffee making equipment on the market today. Each pack is ground to order; not sitting on a shelf ready to be dispatched weeks or months later.