Combining art, science and experience to help our cafe customers offer the ultimate coffee experience. 

Our Roasting Partner

Synergy Coffee Co. is about working with people to create the ultimate coffee experience for their customers. Our roasting partner, Mars Dimackie, began roasting coffee in 2000 with an emphasis on Micro-lot Origin estate coffees. He understands the subtleties of coffee and the need to be flexible around coffee production and roasting techniques to achieve the full potential of his coffee. He believes that "every choice you make along the way has implications and so combining art, science and experience together is the only way to conquer coffee."


Blends combine coffees from two or more origins. Each origin is like an ingredient in your favourite recipe; just as a chef strives to create synergy, so does a coffee roaster by producing a complex drink offering a well-rounded, smooth and full bodied taste. Creating successful coffee blends is a complicated proposition where you must consider and balance the following factors: acidity, solubility, initial taste, and aftertaste.


IMF Coffee Roaster

Our partnership with one of the best coffee roasters in the country and our dedication to buying only the best premium grade green bean enables us to produce consistently similar blends even as the crops change from season to season.

Coffee Blending table


Full bodied, classic espresso created using beans from Central America and South East Asia. It is a great all-rounder coffee with flavours of hazelnut and cocoa with a citrus undertone.

  • Acidity - very low

  • Body - full

  • Roast - medium

Roasted coffee grinds


Designed with the contemporary coffee drinker in mind, this five bean blend combines the stone fruit flavours of the Central American highlands along with a toffee and light cocoa finish. The floral and berry flavours from East African origins perfectly compliment this very popular blend.

  • Acidity - low

  • Body - full

  • Roast - medium

Roasted coffee beans in stainless cup


With an irresistible and complex flavour this blend is created using very highly graded coffee beans of the Central American highlands and the East African countries. The end result is a coffee that is suitable for the more sophisticated coffee drinker. The aromatic intensity is of floral elements which carry through to the berry-like edges of flavour.

  • Acidity - mellow

  • Body - Medium to full

  • Roast - Medium